Dear visitors,

It is my pleasure to welcome you in Břeclav, a town near the border of three countries. Since you have decided to find out more about Břeclav from our website, I would be more than happy to give you some tips about why is Břeclav worth visiting and why I am so proud of being its Mayor.

Břeclav has 25.000 inhabitants and is located on the Dyje River. There are not only many interesting sights left here by the House of Liechtenstein, but you can also visit two interesting churches directly in the city center, the St. Wenceslas Church on the Masaryk Square and St. Mary´s Visitation Church in town district Poštorná. Even your way to Břeclav on rails can be appealing. If you decide to come by train from Austria, you will enjoy the same route that brought the first train to our country in 1839.

In Břeclav you can visit the city museum, exhibitions in the synagogue or the Liechtenstein House, where you can also find the miniatures of the famous Lednice-Valtice Cultural Landscape. The Jewish Cemetery is worth visiting too. The best way to discover the countryside is definitely by bicycle. It enables you to explore floodplain forest in the neighborhood with many hunting lodges built by the House of Liechtenstein. You can even take the boat trip towards John’s Castle (Janohrad), which lies between Lednice and Podivín.

The main tourist season in Břeclav starts in May by the annual Opening of the Liechtenstein tourist routes. In June we celebrate the “Břeclav’s Days“, where you can have fun with many local groups and ensembles. The end of September belongs to the traditional Saint Wenceslaw’s Feast with all sorts of local delicious wines and stums to taste while listening to the live folklore music coming from every corner. The Christmas is celebrated with the traditional fair.

I am very pleased you are interested in Břeclav and I am looking forward to seeing you soon!

Oldřich Ryšavý, the Mayor


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