eLogistics – IT-supported logistics

IT-supported logistics:

Extended Supply Chain Management means involving all relevant value-added partners in an overlapping business process. Extended Supply Chain Management in this way gathers the existing goals for Supply Chain Management and the logistics providers.

Establishment of eLogistics

The solution lies in the organizational form for the web logistics platform eChainManager. On the Internet, the partners involved are integrated with common word management, collaborative planning and web-based negotiation scenarios.

The eLogistik platform can be used both for building the company’s own logistics portal and for establishing open marketplaces.

eChainManager makes the processes between the company and provider much faster. In addition to cost and time gains, the process quality is also improved, as the possibilities for errors occur to be minimized, because existing manual interfaces and system breaks are eliminated.

Benefits for sender and recipient

  • Sender and receiver
  • Reduces process costs for logistics procurement, logistics and logistics control.
  • In the future, needless staff for these tasks
  • Allows their clients to see the status of their orders at any time.
  • Improves process quality through automation of hitherto “manual” activities in the logistics.
  • Reduces transport costs due to better comparability in the opaque logistics market.
  • Have only one portal for communication with all logistics providers.
  • Establish collaborative planning with customers and suppliers.

Advantages for logistics providers

  • Logistics Providers
  • Optimize their occupancy and win new customers.
  • Improves their customer service as the customer can get them through their logistics portal eCainManager.
  • Reduces the effort of manual reconciliation work through business process automation
  • Discover, thanks to greater integration with their contracting planning systems, shifts in scheduled quantities and times at the earliest possible time.
  • Can further develop into the Fourth Party Logistics Provider

Marketplace Benefits

  • No need to build own logistics know-how.
  • Opens access to the entire palette of the logistics services needed.
  • Giving their customers an indispensable added value after the actual business end.